ONE TAKE - Zombie (Cranberries)

February 14, 2018



With recent the passing of Delores O'Riordan I have been flooded with fond memories of music by the Cranberries.... I would sing along with Delores to her hits like Dream and Linger....and of course... Zombie.... I would emulate her Irish accent and swoon over her catchy and challenging vocal licks. Singing them over and over till I could emulate her to perfection. As I reflect on her influence in my life... I am re-inspired by her musically, vocally, creatively... AND by her willingness to use her gifting and her voice to speak out about her convictions.


Zombie was written about the 1993 IRA bombing that killed 2 innocent children, I was 12 at the time... the same age as one of the victims. Realizing that this epic song that I have repeatedly sung these many years was MUCH more than a "hit" ... it was a GROAN... and one that I have experienced myself when watching tragedies unfold like Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Sutherland springs... the crushing reality of war and poverty.


So much is broken... and I honestly often struggle to make sense of this world in the face of such evil. But it is always the light and truth of goodness that pulls me onward and gives me real hope. These ONE TAKE covers have either inspired me in my past, or are currently inspiring me..... sometimes, special songs like Zombie happen to do both.


Thank you, Delores, for using your voice to shine light in to the darkness and thus fight for good. May that voice continue to reverberate.


*** PS - I do all of this video and audio by myself.... usually while my young children nap or are at school... that is why its not ever in focus ;) Thanks for watching anyway!

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