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Truth and Beauty for God and Church

Finder + Found is a music and art project that exists to create works of truth and beauty for God and Church. Founded by Miranda Dodson in the prayer-filled hope of expansive collaborations to illuminate God's glory and beauty in every season of life. [art credit: Rachelle Kearns]

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A Most Severe Grace

What do we do when life is weighty and the suffering becomes overwhelming? Where is God in those seasons? Is God still good even in difficult times? 

Based on Psalm 66 - A Most Severe Grace was written during a season of intense trial, My hope is that it will direct hearts (as it still does mine) to the long view of this creation story and helps us purposes our momentary suffering in the light of eternal glory.

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Coming Soon...

Been very busy with life over the last few years - mostly raising my 3 young children - but occasionally, I also write songs (wink).  A few of those songs have been a great blessing to my local church and I hope to be able to share them very soon with the wider Church.

If you are interested in following along the journey... please follow to F+F on social media or join the mailing list - I look forward to getting to know you! [art credit - Rachelle Kearns]

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Want to learn more about Finder + Found? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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