A Most Severe Grace

A few months ago I watched a really interesting BBC Netflix docu-series: Genius of the Modern World about 3 of the greatest thinkers of the modern age: Nietzsche, Freud and Marx. It was really great ... even my husband who minored in Philosophy enjoyed it and learned little biographical nuggets that filled in some gaps....

BBC Genius of the Modern World

But what really stuck with me, as someone who hadn't really studied the major philosophers in-depth was that, perhaps other than freud (maybe indirectly), they truly fought with the problem of pain, and struggled to make sense of why bad things happen and how to recover from it.

As 2017 came to a close and 2018 slapped us in the face with its annoying hope.... I admit, I couldn't help but truly, truly HOPE against all odds... that 2018 might be a bit easier, more focused, more productive, more organized, less drama, less confusion, less depression, less pain.

My fee LIT UP!.... it appears that I wasn't alone. Lots of people were happily bidding adieu to 2017 and embracing the hope that 2018 would be better.

During one of my more dark moments of 2017 I turned, as I often do... to the Psalms... the 66th Psalm.... and I was so encouraged that I managed to write a song: A Most Severe Grace.

As I reflected on my comrades tweeting and posting their farewells and hopes.... I felt an urge to make some sort of a recording of A Most Severe Grace to share in the off chance it too would encourage a struggling soul.

During my 2 youngest kids naps.... I managed to surprise myself, ha!

This was take 3.... I hope that it finds the not-yet-healed places.... and gives those spots a song of hope.

#onetake #amostseveregrace

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