Introducing [ONE TAKE] Cover series...

1992.... the bathroom door: locked..... the boombox: loaded..... the hairbrush???... never been cleaner. I expectantly hit the play arrow with my chipped polish finger and listen to the faint whistle of The Bodyguard Soundtrack spinning.... THIS. IS. EVERYTHING. I steady myself and prepare myself for the most EPIC rendition of Whitney's "I Will Always Love you" that this bathroom has ever heard.

THAT was a little window in to my ridiculous adolescence..... you are welcome.

But seriously, anyone who creates never does so in a vacuum..... and we all have invaluable influences in our lives that resonated with us and guided us.... and ultimately made us who we are. And while I dare not TOUCH my personal Holy Grail (IWALY) I wanted to give myself an outlet to remember and to pay homage to those songs and artists that made ME.... and that continue to MAKE me..... I am constantly learning from other artists and just really love the process.

With that..... my first [ONE TAKE] cover is a personal music hero for me and I know for many others.... the incomparable Patty Griffin's MLK tribute..... Up to the Mountain

I hope that you enjoy!


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